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Get daily batches of Amazon online arbitrage leads—limited to super-small groups of subscribers, and boosted by the most reliable profit projections in the industry.

7-day money-back guarantee


The #1 Online Arbitrage Platform

Are you an Amazon seller looking to maximize your profits through online arbitrage?

Look no further: At Atlas, we provide top-notch online arbitrage lead lists designed to boost your Amazon FBA business.

Our daily batches of carefully-curated leads are exclusive to a select group of subscribers, ensuring that you get the best opportunities with minimal competition.


Trusted by More Side-Hustlers

Atlas is the #1 online arbitrage sourcing list platform, trusted by countless side-hustlers and professional Amazon sellers. Our commitment to quality and reliability has made us a leader in the industry. 


Highest-Quality Leads

Our leads are sourced from the most reputable online retail vendors and are vetted through a combination of machine-learning AI and multi-stage expert human review. This ensures that you receive only the highest-quality online arbitrage leads, giving you the best chance of success.


Lists for All Seller Levels

Whether you are a first-time seller or an experienced Amazon FBA professional, we have an Amazon online arbitrage lead list catered to your needs. Our “Ungated” list is perfect for new sellers, allowing you to sell 99% of the items. For more advanced sellers, we offer “Replenishable” lists with grocery & topical products.

Two Things We Do Really Differently

Two Things We Do Really Differently

differentiator #1

Product-Sourcing Lists Limited to Super-Small Groups of Subscribers

Product-Sourcing Lists Limited to Super-Small Groups of Subscribers


Unlike other companies that allow 15, 30, or even 45 subscribers on a list, we limit our product-sourcing lists to a maximum of 9 subscribers.

This exclusivity ensures that you face minimal competition, preventing a ‘Race to the Bottom’ scenario in which prices are driven down, and profit margins are wiped out.

With Atlas, fewer competing vendors mean greater profits for you.

differentiator #2

Profit Projections Based on Reality — Not B.S.

Profit Projections Based on Reality — Not B.S.

Our proprietary pricing algorithm, Price Predict, uses tons of historical data points to provide realistic profit projections for each lead.

Unlike other companies that base their projections merely on current Amazon prices, our method gives you a true picture of a product’s profit potential

This reliable data helps you make smart purchasing decisions, ensuring consistent profitability.


Everything You Need to Run Your Entire Online Arbitrage Business

Everything You Need to Run Your Entire Online Arbitrage Business

Atlas offers comprehensive solutions to help you manage and grow your online arbitrage business efficiently.

From sourcing the best online arbitrage leads to providing accurate profit projections, we equip you with the tools and insights needed to succeed.

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We meticulously source items from reliable vendors, ensuring that each lead meets our stringent profit and ROI criteria.

Our multi-stage vetting process, which combining AI technology and expert human review, guarantees the highest-quality leads.



Atlas provides flexibility with Amazon FBA leads lists tailored for different seller levels. Whether you are new to Amazon FBA or an experienced seller, we have the right list for you.


Plans & Pricing

We offer a variety of plans to suit different needs and budgets.

With our 7-day money-back guarantee, you can try our service risk-free.

Explore our plans and find the one that fits your business best.


Reliable Profit Projections

With Price Predict, you get profit projections based on historical data, giving you a realistic view of each lead’s potential. This accuracy allows you to make informed purchasing decisions and maintain healthy profit margins.

Benefits of Using Atlas For Online Arbitrage Deals

Benefits of Using Atlas For Online Arbitrage Deals

Exclusive Access

Our Amazon FBA leads are available to a limited number of subscribers, reducing competition and increasing profitability.


Our profit projections are based on historical data, providing realistic expectations and better decision-making.

Quality Assurance

Our Amazon FBA leads undergo rigorous vetting to ensure they meet high profit and ROI standards.


FBA leads lists tailored for all seller levels, from beginners to advanced sellers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me with online arbitrage?

Atlas provides high-quality online arbitrage leads that have been thoroughly vetted for profitability. Our platform also offers real-time deal updates, detailed profit analysis, and expert support to help you succeed in your Amazon FBA business. 

What is included in the FBA lead list?

Our FBA lead list includes high-demand products with excellent profit margins. Each lead is analyzed for profitability, ensuring you invest in products that will sell quickly and provide a high return on investment. 

How often are the Amazon FBA online arbitrage leads updated?

Our Amazon FBA online arbitrage leads are updated daily at 1pm ET to ensure you always have access to the latest and most profitable opportunities. 

Can I try Atlas before committing?

Yes, we offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back trial. During this period, you can access our leads, use our platform features, and see firsthand how Go-Atlas can help you grow your Amazon FBA business.

What kind of support does Atlas offer?

We have a comprehensive FAQ, based on five year’s worth customer queries, about all aspects of the online arbitrage business. And we have custom-support personnel  available for inquiries pertaining to your account & membership.

What types of products are included in the online arbitrage FBA lead lists?

Our lists include a wide range of products from categories that range from Electronics, Home Goods, Appare,  Groceries and everything in between. Each product is selected based on profitability, sales rank, and demand to ensure you get the best opportunities.

Is Atlas suitable for beginners?

Absolutely. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for sellers of all experience levels. And our entry-level (“Ungated”) lists contain products that first-time Amazon merchants can sell.

How can I maximize my profits with Atlas?

To maximize your profits, take advantage of our daily deal updates; and use our detailed profit analysis to make informed decisions about which types of products work best for your preferences.

“I think I started turning a profit within about a month of switching over to Atlas. From what I can tell, you guys are definitely keeping your lists sizes small. With other companies’ lists, I’m always having to lower my prices to undercut other sellers. With Atlas, I can usually keep my prices steady, which is awesome!”
Rachel McClintock, Principal at Moswa Consulting
Learn how Atlas turns leads into profits

Learn how Atlas turns leads into profits