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About Atlas

We're a team dedicated to helping you turn arbitrage leads into profits

So what’s the story?

Atlas was founded with a desire to create the most complete set of tools for small to medium-sized Amazon entrepreneurs in the world. We are veteran Amazon sellers who realized that reliable, value-rich tools built on cutting-edge technology was not the industry standard. We decided to change that.

After helping thousands of entrepreneurs, we’ve found that Amazon sellers are up against three big problems:

  1. They can’t reliably find things to sell
  2. There isn’t a centralized service to meet their day-to-day needs
  3. Nobody is willing (or able) to offer support, strategy, and advice for their business

Well, Atlas has you covered.

We offer sourcing solutions that offer an ROI not only on your money, but on your time as well. Atlas Leads is the only service on the market that addresses the most common issue we see – offering 100% ungated products. Leads that you aren’t eligible to sell are useless. That’s why we have leads that Amazon sellers can take advantage of from day one.

With so many bloated, incomplete services on the market, we streamline your toolkit – cutting down on your overhead for a fraction of the cost. We’re innovating, simplifying, and trimming waste for entrepreneurs any way we can while at the same time re-designing the process to be more effective. Tools should make your life easier, not harder.

We mentor, train, and work with small to medium-sized sellers – whether you’ve been selling for a while or don’t know what Amazon FBA is, we’ve got you covered. An excellent tool is nothing if you feel left high and dry by the team behind it, which is why communicating with our clients, listening to what they want, and offering advice is something we’ll never stop doing.