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How the The Atlas Online Arbitrage Platform Turns Leads into Profits

We focus on things that actually make a difference to your bottom line—not useless bells & whistles.

7-day money-back guarantee


Log on to Atlas every day to find a new batch of leads curated by a team of expert arbitrage sellers.
Purchase any product from your list of leads—safe in the knowledge that we’ve quadruple-checked it to meet rigorous criteria.
Once you’ve made some sales, sign up for our advanced lists (Replenishables & Toys), which have higher profit potentials.
#1: Start by logging onto Atlas HQ to find freshly-delivered, high-quality leads…

Modern, Easy-to-Use Interface

Forget clunky spreadsheets. Our online HQ centralizes all your leads into a simple, easy-to-operate web app.

Leads Guaranteed? Indeed!

We publish new batches of leads, straight to your dashboard, weekdays at 1pm EST.
Average Lead Stats
Profit: $11
The average profit our subscribers make after buying a product from our lead-list and then selling it on Amazon. (Min profit: $4)
ROI: 51%
The average return-on-investment our subscribers make after buying a product from our lead-list and selling it on Amazon. (Min ROI: 30%)
sales-per-month-134 blue 2
Sales / Mo: 45
The average number of times per month that a product purchased from our lead list sells on Amazon. (Min sales / mo: 10)
(All Amazon FBA / selling fees have already been deducted from these figures.)
#2: Buy products from your sourcing list — and rest assured that every lead there has passed multiple, high-level background checks…

'Price Predict' Filters Out the B.S. 

We start by using our number-crunching pricing algorithm to surface leads whose profit projections are based on historical data points, statistics and math.

(In other words…. reality — Not B.S.)

Expert, Multi-Stage Review

A team of online arbitrage veterans then filters out all products with any restrictions for both first-time and veteran sellers.

Rigorous Product-Matching

At least four online arbitrage experts then perform independent, painstaking, detailed visual inspections to ensure that product-pairs match. (This is stuff that computers can’t catch.)

Trustworthy Retail Sources

And of course…we exclusively source our product-leads from online retailers that are reliable and friendly to arbitrage sellers.
What makes Atlas better than the competition?
Lists with the fewest number of competing subscribers in the industry
Profit projections based on pricing history and algorithms — not B.S.
Highest-quality leads in the industry
“I really appreciate being able to trust your profit predictions. Other services I’ve tried give wildly over-optimistic profit projections that never come true. With you guys … what you publish is super-dependable.”
Jonathan Galicki, Online arbitrage business owner
#3: Scale up your success with these  features and goodies that all come standard.
Ungating Walk-Thrus & Discounts
Want to sell Topical, Grocery or Toys? Members get 50% off Atlas Access ungating packages.
No Hidden Fees
We include all Amazon fees in each lead’s profit projections. That mean: referral fees, FBA fees and the occasional shipping fees.
Save as You Ramp Up
Start with 5 leads per day. Wanna sale up? Get up to 30 per day. The more you get, the bigger your discount.
Training Course
Our six-part “OA Jumpstart” video training course will walk you through the ins and outs of the online arbitrage business.
Export Historical Leads
Export all your historical leads into a .CSV file, and do what you want with them. Go crazy! (Not too crazy…)
(Mostly) Free Shipping
Most of our leads have free shipping (after low minimum order costs). If there’s no free shipping, we adjust the profit projection.
Start Your Own Online Arbitrage Success Story
“Arbitrage profits increased 80%”
My arbitrage profits increased 80% since switched to Atlas from another company. I’d encourage everyone to use Atlas — but I don’t necessarily want the competition 😉
Stephanie Hayes
First-year online arbitrage business owner
“So much easier than Tactical Arbitrage”
This is so much easer than Tactical Arbitrage; and I don’t have to worry about all those mis-matches and bad leads….Atlas takes care of all of that stuff that I never want to do.
David Bartholomew
Veteran online arbitrage business owner
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