Atlas Access: Amazon Ungating Service

Everything you need to successfully ungate your Amazon seller account

Getting ungated on Amazon doesn't have to be complicated. Atlas makes ungating easier.

Get more out of Amazon restricted categories


Powerful for all sellers

Our Amazon-ungating digital-product walk-thru will help you gain a competitive edge whether you've been around the block or you're brand new to selling


No risk of suspension

Our ungating methods are completely compliant with Amazon’s terms of service, so there’s no risk of hurting your account’s reputation


Simple and cost-effective

Getting ungated on Amazon shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, which is why we made Atlas Access a fraction of the cost of other offers


110% refund policy

We stand behind the effectiveness of our ungating service, so if we can’t get you ungated for any reason, we’ll refund your cost 110%

Become a more effective seller

Gain access to new business opportunities

Do you feel like you’re missing out on sales because you’re restricted from selling the products you want? With Atlas Access, you’ll be approved to sell in the most desireable Amazon categories in a fraction of the time it would take on your own.

Capture an advantage over your competition

Since many of the most profitable categories on Amazon are restricted, becoming ungated has an immediate positive impact on your business. With less competition and higher profits, you’ll be able to grow quickly and efficiently.

Activate a simple and transparent process

Atlas Access is 100% compliant and above-board with Amazon’s Terms of Service. Unlike other Amazon ungating services, we will never generate a fraudulent document for you or request invasive access to your account – doing these things could get you permanently suspended. It’s not worth the risk!

Expand at any level

Not familiar with Amazon’s ungating process?

As veteran Amazon sellers ourselves, we’ve helped hundreds of people get ungated. With our guidance, you’ll be able to exceed Amazon’s expectations immediately instead of waiting for weeks (or not getting approved at all)

Have you been denied before?

Atlas Access has a 100% success rate, no matter how many times your applications have been rejected. Our team will be able to help you get approved for your desired category to start selling more profitable products.

Do you want to scale your business?

If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in sales or are just wanting to open up new opportunities, our service is a perfect fit. Rather than making mistakes doing it on your own or putting your account at risk of suspension, you’ll be able to get ungated correctly the first time.

Fast and painless process

Guided setup to get started

Provided you meet the ungating pre-requisites, this digital product will walk you through how to set up your wholesale account and place your order to obtain a legitimate invoice for ungating. This is the only way to keep your account safe and within Amazon’s terms of service.

Navigating the ungating process

This digital product will lay out detailed, easy-to-follow, step-by-step directions for ungating. This includes: how to obtain supplier invoices from Amazon-approved wholesalers; crucial tutorials on application-submission best-practices; and other essentials. And in the rare instance that Amazon doesn’t approve your ungating application the first time, and our team will do everything possible to help expedite your approval.

Assistance and perks after approval

Not only will you have lifetime access to training material in Atlas Access, you’ll also receive continued support from our team for 30 days after you’re ungated​. Additionally, approved members get a monthly 15% discount to Atlas Leads so you can take full advantage of your new selling opportunities. 

Amazon ungating packages

Pet Supplies

$397 $297
  • Includes pet toys, snacks, clothing, etc.
  • Pet owners are motivated buyers
  • Strong demand year-round
  • Low competition category
  • 3 months free to Atlas Suite
  • 15% discount to Atlas Leads
  • Approximately 7 day approval time
  • Lifetime access to ungating material


$397 $297
  • Includes figures, board games, etc
  • Typically fast selling products
  • Peak sales in Q4
  • Low competition category
  • 3 months free to Atlas Suite
  • 15% discount to Atlas Leads
  • Approximately 7 day approval time
  • Lifetime access to ungating material

Grocery & Gourmet Food

$397 $297
  • Includes food, beverages, etc
  • Hybrid fast-selling & solid margins
  • Strong demand year-round
  • Low competition category
  • 3 months free to Atlas Suite
  • 15% discount to Atlas Leads
  • Approximately 7 day approval time
  • Lifetime access to ungating material

We've helped hundreds of Amazon sellers.

And counting.

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Atlas Access pre-requisites and terms of service

Please read the terms of Atlas Access’s Amazon ungating service carefully. These policies are created to help eliminate confusion and provide the best customer experience possible. By utilizing Atlas Access, you are stating that you understand and agree to these terms:

The pre-requisites to qualify for this service include:

  • An active US Amazon Professional Seller Account
  • Capital to purchase the inventory required to obtain a legitimate invoice (typically less than $100 in merchandise for most categories). This inventory can be sold to recoup some of the cost, but may not be profitable
  • Pre-fulfill cancel metric is less than 2.5%
  • Order defect rate metric is less than 1.0%
  • Late shipment rate metric is less than 4.0%
  • Seller feedback score minimum of 4 stars over the past 12 month period

Please note that we can not ungate you if you do not meet these requirements.

Atlas Access includes a guarantee of approval in the desired element (category/brand) on Amazon. It is not unusual to re-submit ungating applications to Amazon several times before finally being approved. This is largely due to the unpredictable nature of which Amazon representative is reviewing your ungating application at that time.

We currently have a 100% success rate for Atlas Access. However, if we are unable to ungate your Amazon seller account in the requested element after 60 days from the purchase date, we will initiate a full refund + 10% of the client’s initial cost. Exceptions to this refund condition include, but are not limited to:

  • Denial of or inability to submit the ungating application due to not meeting the specified pre-requisites for this service (see above). This includes poor Amazon Seller Central account health and metrics, not having an active Professional Seller Account, and not applying the capital required to purchase legitimate products from the specified distributor.
  • “Sudden discovery” of existing approval in the requested element (category/brand), particularly if services have already been rendered.
  • If the client reports “buyers remorse” after purchasing this service.
  • Failure to follow the exact direction and specific instruction rendered by the service providers within a timely fashion. Due to the precise nature of this process, not following the guidance of Atlas Access team members can result in delays and/or rejection of ungating application.
  • Client’s desire to replace the purchased service for ungating in another element. Please verify the accuracy of the exact brand and/or category you’d like approval in before purchasing our service.

Clients have the ability to manually request a refund before the 60-day working period is over. However, a 30% early termination fee will apply to compensate for the Atlas Access team’s time and effort spent working on your case during the process. The client is eligible for a full refund + 10% of the initial cost if Atlas Access is unable to ungate them after 60 days from the order.

If there is reasonable suspicion of dishonesty or fraud on the part of the client regarding the validity of ungating approval, the Atlas Access team may request access to the client’s Seller Central account. The sub-user access will be minimally invasive, meaning that only the required features to verify application denial will be requested. Failure to provide this access to the Atlas Access team will result in forfeiture of refund eligibility.

When the client’s application is approved, they will receive a notice directly from Amazon stating success. If the client has any further concerns regarding the scope of work, an email to [email protected] is expected within 72 hours from the Amazon notification. 

If there is not a response from the client within 72 hours after notification of approval, we will consider the service rendered fully and accepted by the client. The client will not be able to dispute and request a further refund.

If we have rendered services to you or your company and have not received a response to communications within 10 days, we will consider the service rendered fully and accepted by the client. Due to the “one-on-one” personal communication between our team and the client, there is a reasonable expectation for timely communication on both sides. Negligence of communication on the client’s behalf may result in forfeiture of refund eligibility. 

Specific information regarding your Amazon seller account and/or business will be required to fulfill our service. There is an expectation that the information provided by the client be exact and accurate. Information provided to the Atlas Access team should not be changed during the application process unless explicitly approved by our team. Furthermore, we may request that the client change information such as mailing address, account names, etc in their Amazon seller account.

We expect that all communications with Amazon be forwarded to our team within 24 hours so that we can advise the client on their next steps. Timely submission of the ungating application and supporting materials is also expected on the client’s behalf. Neglecting to submit the requested documents and materials may result in the discontinuation of services and forfeiture of refund eligibility on the client’s behalf. 

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