Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
The only thing you need is an active Amazon Seller account.

(Either a ‘personal’ or a ‘professional’ account will work fine.)
We have two types of subscriptions:

Monthly Plans: Billing occurs once per month. No long-term contract or obligation.

Twice-Yearly Plans: Billing occurs twice per year (i.e. once at the start of your subscription, and then every six months thereafter.)

For both plans, you can cancel any time before the start of the next billing cycle to end your subscription.
After signing up with a valid credit card, you have a full 7 days to try out the subscription plan.

If you’re not satisfied within that period of time, just email us (support@go-atlas.io) and let us know.

We’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.
Subscription Basics
We cap all our lists at an industry-low 9 subscribers / list.
We post new leads Mon - Fri at 1pm EST (GMT - 5).
Here are how many leads you can expect in each list each day:

Ungated: 5

Replenishables: 12

Toys: 12
Yes. We offer the following upgrades to our standard plans:

Ungated Max: 15 ungated leads / day for $139 / month

Replenishables Max: 15 replenishable leads / day for $139 / month

If you’d like either of these plans, email us at: support@go-atlas.io
Atlas subscribers get 25% off all additional plans.
Lead Quality
This is a valid concern. And though we can’t, of course, guarantee that this will NEVER happen, we’re doing the most effective thing possible to minimize the possibility of it happening to you: We keep our subscriptions lists super small.

As noted above, we limit our product-sourcing lists to an industry-low 9 subscribers—max.

Most of our competitors allow 15, 30, or even 45 subscribers on a list.

With all those people seeing and using the same leads, it’s no wonder you get a race to the bottom.

With Atlas… far fewer competing vendors = far greater profits.
Here are our stats:

Average profit / lead: $11
Minimum profit / lead: $4

In other words, the average profit our subscribers make after buying a product from one of our lead-lists and then selling it on Amazon, is $11. (Minimum profit is $4)

Return-on-Investment (ROI):
Average ROI / lead: 51%
Minimum ROI / lead: 30%

In other words: the average return-on-investment our subscribers make after buying a product from our lead-list and selling it on Amazon, is 51%. (Minimum ROI is 30%)

Average sales / month: 45
Minimum sales / month: 10

In other words, a product purchased from our lead lists sells an average of 45 times per month on Amazon. (Minimum: 10 sales / month)
We use Price Predict, a proprietary pricing algorithm we created, which crunches tons of historical data points on each lead—to give you a realistic idea of what a product should realistically sell for in the near future.

(Search for ‘Price Predict’ on this website for more info.)
Yep, it’s a pretty good bet you will. Our Price Predict algorithm (see FAQ above) will recommend a sell-price for a product that should give you an excellent chance of becoming the featured vendor for that product.

(In other words, if you take our advice on sell-price, Amazon will likely give you the BuyBox.)
We include ALL major Amazon costs / fees in our profit & ROI calculations, including:

— Referral fee (what Amazon charges for allowing you to sell on their marketplace)

— Fulfillment fee (what Amazon charges for shipping & handling)

— Storage cost (what Amazon charges for storing your inventory in their warehouses)

We don’t include the following costs:

— Sales tax (because it varies widely state to state)

— Inbound shipping (this is what Amazon charges you to ship your items into their warehouses. This varies widely depending on lots of factors that we can’t anticipate.)
We use ASINZen (https://asinzen.com/) to obtain each product’s monthly sales numbers.

IMPORTANT: They are merely estimates. Amazon intentionally does not release sales info for particular products, so NO ONE, outside of Amazon, can claim to be THE AUTHORITY on a product’s sales / month.

But we at Atlas have done extensive side-by-side comparisons of all the other leading Amazon-sales estimator tools, and we believe that ASINZen's paid service gives the most accurate info
Individual Subscription Plans
Short answer: All sellers, even first-timers, should be able to sell 99-100% of the leads on our Ungated list.

More details: The Amazon term ungated simply means that a product has no selling restrictions; and anyone with a valid Amazon Seller account can sell / resell it.

(This is opposed to gated items, which require you to apply to Amazon for authorization to sell.)

All product-leads on our Ungated list are, as you might imagine, ungated.

We also make sure that our Ungated list is free from the following type of product-leads that first-time / beginner merchants usually can’t sell:

— Hazmat / Toxic (which require special authorization to sell)

— Meltables (for the six-month period during which Amazon disallows any item that can melt — like chocolates.)

— Amazon in-stock (any item that Amazon is currently selling, as it’s really hard to beat Amazon on price)

Which means that, barring any kind of super-rare restriction that Amazon may have placed on your account, you should be able to sell any items on our Ungated list, even if you’re a first-time vendor who’s never sold a single item before.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s a partial list of the Amazon categories that we most often choose our ungated leads from:

— Arts, Crafts & Sewing
— Baby
— Baby Products
— Beauty & Personal Care
— Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
— Grocery & Gourmet Food
— Health & Household
— Home & Kitchen
— Industrial & Scientific
— Kitchen & Dining
— Office Products
— Pet Supplies
— Sports & Outdoors
— Tools & Home Improvement
— Toys & Games
— Video Games
Our Replenishables list is comprised of:

~ 50% products in the Health & Beauty category

~ 50% products in the Grocery & Gourmet Food category

Grocery & Gourmet Food is a gated category — meaning you have to apply to Amazon to get ungated (i.e. have selling restrictions lifted) before you can sell goods in this category.

Health & Beauty is NOT a gated category — meaning basically anyone call sell products in this category.

IMPORTANT: None of the product leads in this list are brand-gated — meaning that you DO NOT need to be ungated in any particular brand in order to make use of these leads.

In other words, if you're ungated in Grocery & Gourmet Food, you'll be able to make use of essentially all leads in this list.

If you're not ungated in Grocery & Gourmet foods, you can still make use of the 50% of the leads that fall into the Health & Beauty category — which isn't gated.
Unsurprisingly, this list is 100% toys.

But most of the products that appear on this list require brand-specific ungating—meaning that you need have to apply to Amazon to sell them.

For example, even though you’re ungated in the Toys category, you have to be brand-ungated in individual brands to be able to to sell items made by those brands.

In other words: To sell a LEGO lead that you find on our list, you need to be brand-ungated in LEGO brand.

To sell a Hasbro, you need to be brand-ungated in Hasbro, etc.

(If any of this sounds foreign to you, you probably shouldn’t purchase this list. It’s for intermediate Amazon merchants who are already familiar with brand-ungating.)

So your next obvious question is: What toy brands should I expect to see on the Atlas toys list?

We’re glad you asked 😉

Click here for a list of all the Toy brands that we listed in a recent month.
Platform / Technical
Basically, yes: At any time before the end of your membership, you can export all your historical leads to a .CSV file.

(And if you forget to export them, we’d be happy to do it for you, even after the end of your membership period.)
Product Prepping
Here's our top recommendation for a product-prepping service.
TOP PICK: Pacific Prep Services
What’s Great About Them
  • Located in a sales tax-free state (OR), so you DON’T PAY ANY SALES TAX on purchases you have shipped to them
  • Fantastic online inventory management system
  • Stellar customer service (ask for Galen)
  • Extremely competitive rates
This recommendation is the product of years of working with and evaluating many other prepping services. We’ve tried the rest…and Pacific Prep is the best.
We also really like:
…for many of the same reasons that we love Pacific Prep. But Profit Gopher isn’t located in a sales tax-free state, so they come in at #2 for us.
Product-prepping companies do all the work of preparing products for resale on Amazon—including labeling, boxing, kitting, and other general prep services.

Prepping is required in general (whether you do it as an individual, or whether you outsource to a prepping company), because packages from 3rd party retailers often have to be divided up or added to one another, in order to conform to an Amazon product listing. i.e. a three individual units from Walmart becomes a 3-pack on Amazon.

Here’s how the process works in general:

1. You buy a product from a 3rd-party e-commerce site (like Walmart.com or Frys.com or BarnesandNoble.com, etc.) and have it shipped to a prepping company.

2. After the prepping company receives your shipment / products, it makes all the preparations outlined above.

3. The prepper then ships the newly-packaged units to Amazon fulfillment centers, where it is added to your inventory, and becomes available for sale.

Pricing models vary, but you can usually expect at least $1-2 per item.
You can definitely do product-prepping yourself. And using a prepping company will definitely cut into your profit margin. So if you want to retain all possible profits, and you’re down for the work involved with prepping, you can do without a prepper.

But if you’re looking to scale your efforts, and particularly if you don’t want to have to deal with all the work involved with prepping items yourself, prepping companies are a great option.

If you go with a prepper, it means that you can run your online arbitrage business without ever having to actually take receivership of any physical products. This allows your business to be totally digital, without requiring you to be / stay in any physical location (i.e. a digital nomad).
There’s no hard-and-fast answer to this one.

Each prepping company works slightly differently in regards to what steps you, as a customer, need to take after you buy an item and have it delivered to the prepping company’s warehouse.

Most companies require you to fill out some kind of online form with info about the products that you’re having delivered to their warehouses. But some don’t.

Some will go ahead and create listings in your Seller Central account for each product you send them; others require you to do it.

Some manage the creation and scheduling of shipments from their warehouses to Amazon’s; others have you do it.

There are pros and cons to each approach (i.e. what you gain in convenience you can lose in terms of customizing the process so it works perfectly for you). That’s why there’s no standard way that prepping companies work.

Regarding the prepping companies that we have relationships with (and which offer discounts to our customers)...we think they strike a nice balance between convenience and customization.