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Sell profitable products with these online arbitrage leads – even if you’ve never sourced or sold a single thing yourself.


Expert Sourcing

Expert Sourcing

Atlas Data Tracking

Data Tracking

These form the basis of Atlas Leads

Dedicated Online Arbitrage Lists

Dedicated Lists

In-Depth Education

In-Depth Education

Reliable Output

Reliable Output

Top Tier Support

Top Tier Support

Gain Peace of Mind

With over a decade of experience online arbitrage sourcing, our team searches 1,000+ online stores 24/7 to find you the absolute best FBA products to sell in 2021. Every weekday, you’ll receive plenty of arbitrage leads  – simply open Atlas and order the best deals of the day in seconds.

Less Competition

Lowest Competition in the Industry

We limit the number of subscribers to each list to an industry-low of 15 — so that competition doesn't drive down profits.

Atlas Leads Risk Removal

Cut Out Stress

Eliminate the risk having to source products yourself - let alone the risk that comes with hiring, managing and paying employees to do it for you.

Data Analysis

Get Data-Driven Insights

We’re a company that gets results for our members. That’s why we made it easy to track those results in our inventory management software. Receive 100% free access to the suite with an Atlas Leads membership.

Info At a Glance

Know the overall health of your online arbitrage business in seconds by looking at our real-time dashboard.

Total Oversight

Track profit, manage expenses, create shipments, and download reports all in one place.

Benefit From Our Partnerships

Relieve yourself from the strain of product prep by outsourcing to one of our Premier Partners. We’ve negotiated deep discounts so you can scale your FBA business faster.

Atlas Leads Savings

Massive Savings

Atlas Leads members get exclusive discounts with prep companies in our network (as much as 25%)

Atlas Leads Efficiency

Pure Efficiency

When you outsource product prep, you'll free up your time drastically - work smarter, not harder.

Atlas Premiere Partners

Take Control of Your Learning

Gain a deeper understanding of online arbitrage with the Jumpstart OA Course – a complimentary learning program for Atlas Leads members.


In-Depth Material

Our 6-part video training course will walk you through the ins and outs of the online arbitrage model.


Practical Tools

You'll receive tons of free guides that you'll be able to reference if you have any questions

Jumpstart Online Arbitrage Course

Join Atlas Leads Today

No entrepreneur wants to start a side-hustle only to have it become a bigger grind than their full-time job…

Our team gives you the opportunity to relieve yourself from the time-consuming (and frustrating) chore of product sourcing for your Amazon FBA business while at the same time being more cost effective than doing it yourself.

No matter how much sourcing experience you have, there are only 24 hours in the day. If you’re working on Amazon part-time while still juggling your regular job, it simply becomes a grind that will eventually burn you out.

 Our online arbitrage leads give you back control of your free time.

Atlas Quality

Average Stats Per Unit

$ 1
1 %

Online Arbitrage Sourcing List Plans


$156 $139 / month
  • For expert Amazon sellers ungated in the Toys category
  • But...all leads on this list are ALSO brand-gated...
  • ...which means you need to have applied to Amazon for permission to re-sell items in each individual brand.
  • Wanna know which brands to get un-gated in for this list? Click here for a spreadsheet with the most commonly-posted brands
  • All of our standard features
  • 50+ products per week
  • Amazon account protection
  • Very few people get brand-ungated, meaning very few competitors for you! Big Potential Profits!


$156 $139 / month
  • For experienced Amazon sellers already "ungated" in Topicals or Grocery & Gourmet Food
  • Seriously, don't subscribe unless you're Amazon-ungated in at least one of the two following categories:
  • Topicals (75% of this list's leads come from this category)
  • Grocery & Gourmet Food (25% of this list's leads come from this category)
  • 50+ products per week
  • Re-orderable leads
  • Amazon account protection

Atlas Leads Standard Features

  • $4 - $30+ Profit Per Unit Minimum
  • 30%+ ROI Per Unit Minimum
  • 10+ Sales Per Month Minimum
  • Experienced Seller Approval
  • Jumpstart OA Course Access

Our Guarantee

No Contracts

No Fixed Contract

FBA Arbitrage Support

Lowest competition in the industry

The Atlas Assurance

Cancel Anytime

Cancel Anytime

One Month Free

1 Month Free If Paid Biannually

We've helped hundreds of Amazon sellers.

And counting.

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